About Us


Your time is precious, we're here to give you more.

We give families the opportunity to spend more time together and enjoy the perks of living in a clean and tidy home by taking the burden of house cleaning off their shoulders. Moving forward, we aim to change the lives of many more Australians by creating job opportunities and giving families the freedom to do things they love most.

Our core values


Our streamlined online booking system allows you to hire Too Clean’s cleaning services with just a few clicks. In less than a minute, you can safely and securely book a clean with us and rest assured that our cleaning professionals will show up at your doorstep right on time, and fully equipped to start cleaning. It really is that simple!


Complete transparency and honesty are a given when dealing with Too Clean. There are no hidden fees, unpleasant surprises or unwanted upsells involved; only open and honest communication, a trusted, experienced and thoroughly vetted cleaning staff, along with honest working customer service!


We take full advantage of evolving technologies to make your experience with us as convenient as one could imagine. From managing your cleanings, instant messaging, rating your service, paying, and support – everything you need is just a click away.


We care about the happiness and satisfaction of everyone involved more than simply getting the job done and getting paid. We believe in running a fair wage business and do all in our power to ensure that staff members are rewarded well enough to support their families and lifestyle. We’re all about creating win-win’s! Whether you’re a client or staff, we want to make sure that everyone is winning and happy.